Friday, May 04, 2007

Almost Home

Late Wednesday night I finished what could be the biggest school project I have ever done ever. I had to build this miniture set with tiny paper furniture for the play "No Exit." It's about hell, and by a Frenchman. This is what it looked like:

Yeah, I spent at least seven hours straight in Mundelien working on this crap. The day of the presentation, the costume designer here sat in. I went first, and she throughly thrashed my concept. Luckily, she did that to everyone else, too. There was a point where everyone just stopped trying to defend their idea and just took it right in the face. I fared better than some.

Life goes on. I wanted to not do any laundry for the rest of the year, but my boxers ran out. C'est la vie, as someone says. I gotta get to that.

One five page paper away from Michigan,

Barry "Jean-Paul" Eitel

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