Monday, May 28, 2007

Ikea: Reflections

Yesterday I went up to the lovely Ikea in scenic Canton, Michigan. I'm not gonna lie, those Swedes really know how to design some kicking furniture. As I type this, my butt is enjoying the comfort and versatality of an Ikea office chair, while my clothes sleep soundly in my new gigantic (no I'm not compensating for anything, douche) dresser. It's almost as big as I am.

I also got this rug, some frames, and I tried Linginberry juice. I was hoping all of the employees would speak like the Swedish chef, but no such luck. I'm still gonna make at least one more trip out there so I can get stuff to "pimp" out my sophomore dormroom. If you're reading this Fransico, get ready. I got plans.

Tomorrow I head down early to Columbus. I'm helping my aunt with stuff so I can get mad cash, which I need like an Ethopian needs rice. Also, her devil cat recently died, and I'm a little afraid the place might be haunted. This is the cat that viciously attacked a young Barry as he was gently playing by himself on the floor. That was one time; the late Abigail has ambushed me many times over the past 15 years. But who's laughing now [laughs]. See you in cat hell! Scratch this.

See? It's a series. Now there are two of 'em.
So, I've gotten into this mashing thing, where a DJ takes two different songs and smashes them together, usually to finger-snappin' enjoyment. On this website, you can download the Kleptones' whole "24 Hours" album, but prolly the best track is Disk 1, Track 15. It's a mash of Genesis' "Land of Confusion," the "War. Uhh, what is it good for? (say it again)" and some interesting vocal additions. Actually, the whole CD is good, and it is free. Just right click a track and select "Save Target As" and enjoy. Mmmm. Free music.

No Sleep...till Columbus,

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