Wednesday, April 25, 2007

OPENING NIGHT, Kant, and homophobia

Yeah, it's been a few days since my last post. Deal with it. I've had so much freakin' crap going on...let me just say I'm glad our windows are jump-outable-proof.

Tonight was opening night for ICARUS' MOTHER!!! It's the show I've been ASMing for like the last month. It's been a pretty great experience, and I think it's basically because I'm the cast's darling. Actually, I've been decently involved in many different aspects of everything, and it's been pretty cool. Plus, I feel partially responsible for not allowing our director jump out of a two-story window one night when he was drunk. If you can come and see Icky's Mom?!, you def should. See it twice. It is..mind..blowing. 'Nuff said.

I'm so glad I got to see tonight. Due Wednesday for Barry: huge, in-depth character analysis of my final character in Acting, 7-page paper on Modern philosophy, and all of my sketches for Intro to Design, which I found out were actually due Monday. Last night was intense. Just like camping [ba-da boom]. But I'm done.

Let me relate a funny story. Monday after lunch, me and my bud Genovese go walking back from Simpson to Mertz. At the corner of Sheridan and Winthrop, there is this cute ol' man in long socks and a goofy hat passing out flyers. He thrusts one to us, and we start reading. It's this long rant against homosexuals, including scientific research that says that lesbians are more susceptable to breast cancer. I can't argue with science, and these guys have a geocities website, so it's pretty legit. As we're discovering the true meaning of this flyer, a group of guys representing the gay club on campus rush past us with a poster.

Not needing to exchange words, Chris and myself charge back to the intersection. This is the scene we see: the old dude, in his hat and socks, debating his argument with some gay dude who is burning the flyer in front of him, and a Mexican dude selling ice cream from a cart in the background. It was beyond hilarious. I was hoping we'd see a grandpa/gay fight, but no such luck. And I didn't have enough money for ice cream. Alas, such is life.

I stood there taking camera-phone pictures, and everytime I flip open my phone, I smile.

Icky's Mom?! (love it, live it),

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