Thursday, May 17, 2007

Counting Flowers on the Wall

I have been home for a week and a day on this day.

I'm bored as f**k.

Plus, I'm really hungry, cause I'm dieting hardcore now. Ughhh.

Sorry, guys, I haven't been really good with posting. I've been to busy sleeping and thinking about cake.

I had to totally rearrange my room to fit all the new crap I got while in Chicago while rediscovering old crap. Then I've been job searching. And searching. I've put in like 7 applications, but haven't been called back for any. Even though it's only been like 6 days, it feels more like 6...years. Fortunately, I went into Starbucks and asked on the "status of my application," and the chick said I have an interview on Monday. Yes, I might become "Barry the Barista." It fits so well, they should give me the job on the spot.

Until then, it's lots of hummus and Adult Swim. Actually, my dad was featured at the Toledo Museum of Art, and I'm seeing the painting for the first time at the opening tonight. It's a painting of boots. Sounds exciting. I'm actually pretty intrigued to see how well he does.

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