Monday, May 07, 2007

Freshman Year: Complete

A slight few minutes ago, I finished the last scholastic assignment of my freshman year of college. A philosophy paper that I started 12 hours ago (but I did see Spidey Tres in the middle of it).

To be honest, I can't really believe it is over. It has been of year of self-discovery and fun and pain and alright music.

Five things I've learn:

*Accepting the invitation of a 30-year-old dude to go over to his house is totally cool as long as you get free alcohol out it

*Don't call Southerners out on incest (especially if you are drunk and they are not)

*Don't attempt to traverse Minnesota in the middle of March

*Get creative in the dining hall (i.e. orange juice and Sprite)

*Sheets too small for your bed really suck

Yes, it's been a year of love, learning, and Lakeshore Dining. Good times. Good times for all.

Goodbye school, hello summer,

Barry. Is Outta Her.

P.S. I think this is a fitting photo to remember this last semester of freshman year by. I think it says, "Look at me, I have vampire incisors and I'm from Ireland (except not really)." Enjoy it, suckas:

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