Monday, July 02, 2007

Sicko and Stuff

Tonight I went and saw Michael Moore's newest debate-sparking documentary, "Sicko." It's about the American health care system, and how badly screwed up it is. He compares us to a bunch of countries with universal health care, like Canada, Britain, France, and even, yes, even, el Cuba. I liked it better than any of his previous docs; it's a lot more like "here's a problem that effects everybody" than "hey, we have a douchebag for a president." It's basically easier to follow, but I feel some of the details are a little askew. I guess I'll have to do some research checking. Unfortunately, I am apathetic. Life goes on.
Sicko did provide the premise for an in-depth Taco Bell analysis of my fiscal situation with my colleague Drew (he's the guy with the bus behind him in the pictures below).
There are times that I realize that me not having a steady job during this summer could possibly have far-flung effects in my future. At least it would give me a head start. Right now, I'm facing around $1000 a month of student loans when I get out of undergraduate. That's a lot of blowjobs. And I probably won't be able to afford health insurance, so let's hope I don't chop any fingers off. How would I be able to acheive my dream of being a hand model then? However, my plan is just kinda to kick it this summer, than wait until I'm back in Chicago to get a real, real job.
Not gonna lie, since I've been unemployed, I've become really, well, you know (let's just say I should buy a prayer shawl and eat more pastrami. jk jk anti-semitism isn't cool with this guy...I can't afford a yarmulke, but now that I think of it, I might be able to snag some cash if I had a bar mitzvah...). Point is, I'm quite the stingy old guy. For example, I haven't paid for gas in like a month. I just drive around until I'm pretty much out of gas, then not drive for awhile. Eventually, my dad will notice that my car has no gas, and go fill up. I've also become one of those people who order water at McDonald's and get pop instead. And I always do my hardest to subtle (well, sometimes not so subtley) hint that my friends should treat me. Hey, judge if you will, it pays to be tight-fisted. I find at least I have suffiencient funs to have a good time over this summer. It works.
Oh yeah, who would not scream if they walked into a room to find Michael Moore putting on a pair of latex gloves? I'd rather be in an elevator with a naked Borat.
They played this at Bonnaroo, and everyone was all yelly when the chorus came, but I had no clue what was being said. Now I realize it revolves around the F word. Go out and download.

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Anonymous said...

You are absolutely horrible.Your friends tolerate this behavior? What a pity. Oh yeah, your student loan debt is minimal compared to most students I know--unless you're going to Med school, then you can't complain.