Thursday, July 05, 2007

Knee High By Today

The fourth of July. Huh, good times. Actually, this post will be made on July 5th, but who cares anyway? I just was awake the whole night. First we went to my mom's work in East Toledo, where we were able to sit on top of the roof to watch the fireworks, which was actually pretty cool.

Then I went over to my good friend Dan's house until like 3:45 AM, where I learned more about a lucrative offer where I stock shelves at Detroit soon-to-be Krogers for $10 an hour. The catch? I have to be there at 6 AM. But I'm feeling pretty good about it.

After that, I came home, watched Swingers, and then walked around my yard like a crazy person at 5:30 AM setting off small fireworks with a cigar. A pretty interesting 4th, I must say.

I think this is the correct time and place for a hokey patriotic thing. The local Hippie-mart, the "Happy Badger," sent me, a concerned citizen on their mailing list, this today. Enjoy:

Fourth of July. “Freedom.” We see it shouted in the movies from the last breath of a dying Scottsman. “Freedom.” We feel it in our garden early each morning. “Freedom.” We see it in the eyes of a happy baby. “Freedom.”We enjoy it and battle for it every day.
“Freedom.”Feel it. Enjoy it. Fight for it. Nothing makes us feel more proud; our chests expand. “Freedom.” Nothing makes us feel more alive; craving it's passion. “Freedom.” It's a prayer that everyone can speak, and knows some Great Spirit is listening.
“Freedom.” Is there any concept more definable, more universal and more prompting of comradeship? This fourth of July, remember, honorably, the constitution signing of 1776, but rejoice and feel the fiery passion of “Freedom,”which fueled their fight. The battle for and joy of “Freedom” is waged and felt every moment in an infinite number of shapes,scenarios and stages, large, small, and even invisible.
Remember your strength comes from within, knowing “Freedom” is always yours, alive,whether born in a battle, working a garden or sharing a child's curiosity. Use it as a shield of thought against the multitude of invaders, human, man made or contrived, in every moment of life. You're always a winner when you fight for "Freedom," win your battle or not.
Rally tonight, the fourth of July for “Freedom.” Enjoy. Energize. Enlighten. Celebrate. Shout“FREEDOM! from within and to the world!” "Freedom!"

Pretty Cool, Huh?


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