Tuesday, July 03, 2007


What a week so far.

I had my first ever car crash Monday. I had woken up real early (in honesty prolly like 9:45) to take my little sister to summer band. At the intersection of Temperance and Secor, some old lady ran the red light and like sheared off the front of my little '92 Honda Accord. Don't worry friends, her Rendezvous was not harmed.

Special twist. Apparently, my parents had canceled the collision insurance on the car, so we get no money to fix it, except for the automatic $500 (I have no clue how this works, this is just what I'm told) the lady's insurance will pay because it was her fault. Oh, yeah, no one was hurt.

However, even though my car is drivable, it's pretty much totaled. The front lights and bumper would have to be totally replaced, which would cost a lot.

Now, I am really considering getting rid of my car altogether, taking the $500 plus the $70 or so I'll get for scraping it, and riding my bike places. Really, I only need my car for 2 months anyway. I think it would be a cool little experiment.

However, I think my parents are kind of set on fixing the car. I guess I'll see how much that will cost. We shall see.

On another note, last night I took a nap at 7 AM, and woke up at nine this morning. What gives?

Stuff is happening,

P.S. Have a fun, yet safe, 4th of July. Huzzah!


Anonymous said...

Look at it this way--riding your bike will give you plenty of opportunities for exercise.

Rodrigo said...

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The Barry said...

I'm somewhat interested in your t-shirt gig, although I don't speak Portuguese.

--The Barry