Friday, August 17, 2007

Working Hard For the Money

Sorry for the lame title, I'm somewhat pressed for time.

Last night I went and visited my friends' spankin new apartment in Bowling Green, and not gonna lie, it's pretty sweet. It got me thinking, uh oh, I need to amass all the stuff for my dorm. Fact: I leave in 8 days. I have yet to get a hold of my roommate to talk about what we're both bringing. Actually, I probably should be doing that than writing this. What can I say? I love each one of my fans.

Here's a list of crap off the top of my head that I want.

A good blender that will last me forever
A Big Cactus that could possibly kill me when I'm drunk and stumbling around in the dark
A Martini mixer
A light-up globe
An Interesting rug, perhaps
Really sharp knives
Walk-in humidor/gun safe
That one was a joke
My Monopoly Millenium edition
Julia Child's French Cookbook
Etc. Etc.

I got to get to President Tuxedo--and after my shift I'm hoping to catch Superbad (Hoorah!)

Give me something to believe in,

*************BARRY AND THE ON OCCASIONS NEWS********
I've actually been quiet on here about it, but me and my one-man band have been working pretty intensely on a few new mashups, and they been getting pretty semi-decent viewings on a few mashup sites. I'm working on a pretty intense one now (with like 10 songs, including Makes Me Wonder, Crazy, and LoveStoned) get pumped.

My latest, Da Superclub
50 Cent + RHCP + Gym Class Heroes + Stevie Wonder + Rick James

Another, the Cure and OutKast

And our official (albeit not very decorated) MySpace:


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