Sunday, August 05, 2007

Adventures, etc.

Tomorrow I embark on probably the greatest adventure of my summer so far: four crazy days in Toronto, seeing the sights, and enjoying the lowered drinking age. It's gonna be dank.

I just finished packing my bag, and I think I'm pretty much set: clothes, shampoo, rape whistle...

We hope to get to Windsor by 1 PM tomorrow, maybe have a few drinks, and then it's on to a 3 hour train ride to the fourth biggest city in North America (and the second gayest city...). The hostel my buddy Eric and me are staying at is an old hotel, and apparently the Rolling Stones have stayed there, among others.

Hopefully we'll get to the CN Tower, a Blue Jays game, China town, whatevs. And lots of legal alcohol. My liver and myself are very excited. I should probably get some shut-eye, after that, it's O Canada!

Har har har.

The Baricamera is coming along, so be prepared for lots of pictures when it returns.

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