Monday, August 27, 2007

The Barry is Back

As I walked to breakfast this morning, I ran into my old neighbor from Mertz. He hadn't showered, and carried a lap top bag among other supplies.
"Oh, hey," I said, "how's it going?"
"I just woke up in the hospital."

Yes, I am back in college.

We kinda chilled here for my first night, I unpacked my things, tried to figure out my TV, etc., etc. Fransico, myself, my friend Courtney who transferred here from JC (and a member of our Toledo Cru), and two of Fransico's friends drank a little in our new wicked sweet room Saturday night. Not gonna lie, I was sweetly surprised when I stepped in. We got like a table, and some cool chairs, and a stove, and a fridge, it's not what I expected at all. We still need to get groceries and install the putting green, but it will come with time.

Today I helped set up Fransico's stuff, and then went downtown with Courtney and her roommate to see some old friends and get dinner. They got a truly loaded English roommate who buys $80 bottles of champagne. Some people have all the luck. Not this guy.

Well maybe.

Then I went off to the beach with my theatre friends who were quite high. I borrowed a play to get monologue for Tuesday's auditions (I freakin know). And I figured out my class schedule for tomorrow, and added some 300-level Ancient Philosophy to the mix. Semi-productive. Always sexy.

Welcome back,

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