Thursday, August 30, 2007

Shot through the heart, and You're to Blame

It's been a rocky first week of college, and it's only Wednesday evening.

I've gone through two auditions, one callback, and nine classes. The classes aren't so bad, characterization (basically, intro to Shakespeare), ancient philosophy, spanish 101 taught by a guy who can barely speak English, Arabic 101, stage design, and theatre stuff all around. And I kinda already have a huge project due on Wednesday.

Loyola held auditions for productions of 'Arcadia' on the mainstage and 'Wit' in the studio, and I'd be cool to get into either one (Arcadia moreso than Wit). However, I totally blew my monologue. Both times. I think Tuesday night might've been my worst auditions of all time. I world get through a few lines, start thinking, hey Barry, doing pretty good, let's not screw up, get pulled out of the moment, and then everything would shatter apart. I forgot words and had to repeat sentences. It really sucked, and I was pretty depressed after the fact.

However, I somehow made callbacks for Arcadia. Those were pretty meh. I waited around for an hour, read for one scene, and then the director said, "alright, there's nothing I can really give direction-wise" and we let go. I'll see tomorrow if I made it. Here's hoping. I've already made good use of the leftover tequila, so everything's pretty cool.

And I also was ask to help plan the fresh faces party, basically where the older theatre kids get the freshman drunk. Myself and three other friends of mine (none of us really are that hip to the idea) have to get a location, set a date, and raise money. Whatever.

I think I'm going to see Herbie Hancock tomorrow night.

-The Barry

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