Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So here I am, in my room, at 12:42 AM, listening to Herbie Hancock. And I have to work open tomorrow at 9:45. That kinda sucks. Tomorrow will officially be the longest day I have ever worked at President Tuxedo, all gloriously boring 11 hours. I smell suckage. Whatevs.

Today I went to Swedish design paradise insanity IKEA in Canton, MI to get stuff for ma new dorm. Pretty exciting, I know. All in all, I spent about ten dollars. I got a rug, two coffee mugs, a wine glass, a dish towel, two picture frame things, a measuring thing set, and a threesome of cooking stuff (as in a spatula, a giant fork, and a giant spoon). Wow, if my life could get any more exciting. Basically, Drew and I spent the day hitting each other with random found objects, some hurt more than others.

I have three more days here, and I have still a lot of people to see. It doesn't seem like a big deal, cause I'm sure I'll be back for breaks, but it still kinda is. I think I'm a little nervous to get back into the routine after spending most of the summer watching Spongebob. Loyola already has auditions for Arcadia on the 28th, two days after classes start. I have yet to start thinking about a monologue. Some people might toss around the word totally screwed, but I'm not some people.

Stressed in Bedford,

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