Friday, September 29, 2006

A Deed is Done

Tonight was the opening and closing night of my first college acting experience, "A Son at the Front." It was a staged reading, so I got to have my little book in front of me and talk in a Southern accent. Quite the good times. It actually went relatively well. I mean, world war one, Oklahoma, me as a whipped stepdad, socialists, gay Indians, what's not to love. It's definitely the most serious roll I've played ever, and I got to say "Damned huns" quite a bit.

After the show, there was a little "Come back and talk about the show" with everyone (basically where the writer and composer get to toot their horns about how high-flutin their production was). That was a little weird. To be honest, I thought the actual play was decent, but not amazingly awesome. There were some problems I had: there seemed to be a gay relationship just to have a gay relationship, you never really understand exactly how or why the main dude at the front is feeling about everything because all his talking is done through letters, and the fact it is supposed to be an actual opera kinda blows my mind.

The other weird thing is that the rehersal process was only 6 days. It was kinda weird, because we kinda got to know all the other people, but then *poof* it's over after one performance. Whateva. At least I got my foot in the drama department. And a reason to buy one really sharp looking shirt.

And I found out that a girl I thought was Amish was lying to me the whole time. That was insane.

Bustin up a decent Christmas dinner,


Mr. E said...

I love it when people claim to be amish and then you find out that they're not.

Lying bastards!

Kudos to you on a show...was it anything like Fiddler?

Mr. E said...

Have you not even gotten out of bed this past week? All of the wonderful things in Chicago and I'm reading about omse one act from a week ago, I find that just maddening.

Hope things are well!