Monday, November 05, 2007

Some Updates and Such

So it's been a busy week/weekend and I haven't been able to keep y'all up to snuff. I apologize.

I'll start backwards.
I just saw "American Gangster" with Denzel Wash and Russell Crowe at the Ghettoplex. It was pretty tight. Not Godfather, but decent enough. Alot of needles going into arms, and shotgun blasts to the torso. Everything you ever wanted. Cuba Gooding, Jr. was in it, and he wasn't killed. That was kinda sucky.

Earlier today I did a read-through for this alpha24alpha. The story is as follows: 24 hours in the biggest weed dealer in Chicago's life. Who am I? One of two main underlings who collect money for him--and a scientist--and a musician...purty funky. I'm only really featured in one of seven episodes, but I'll put it up her. We start shooting this week. Keep your eyes out. Or keep them in.

The rest of weekend/most of next weekend insists of ushing Arcadia, the current Loyola production. It's good--to a lot of people I know, it's the best play ever. After seeing it three times, I'm starting to understand a lot better. All about determinism and chaos theory and love and reptiles. See it.

Last night my bud from back home came in for some random crap and we smoked some hookah, which I haven't done since last October here. I also tried that Clarke's place on Belmont, one of them 24 hour diners that I've never been too, and it was pretty a-okay. I ran into an ex-girlfriend, and she made it significantly awkward. It ended up being kind've an awkward night overall, but that's a story for another year.

Friday night I went to our late theatre costume party. I was my alter-ego Jimmy "Guy" Sunshine. It was quite alright. I ended up being decently drunk. Decent.

Other than that not a whole lot. Except for being up until 4 AM working on my set design project--my final design for Billy Shakes' "As You Like It." Enjoy the pics, fool.

My idea was "Underwater." I think it's sexy. And hip.

Also, I finished my first play, "Ego Trippin At The Gates of Hell." I'm pumped about it, but I'm gonna let it rot on my comp for a few months, revise it, and then submit it to a few trusted people for opinions. In the meantime, I'm working on "Jesus Done Left Chicago," my exploration of Purgatory. I guess I'm on some sorta Dante-ish quest. We'll see where it goes.

Be ease,
The Barry

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