Thursday, October 25, 2007


So it's finally cold here. Who knew.

Today I recieved the call from these one24one alphashoreavenue (whatever) people. This is the web-based TV show I somehow got involved in through a Loyola Phoenix ad. So he calls me right before Spanish class and tells me he wants to have be more involved in the project, which includes this production meeting on Friday.

And then I picked up a copy of today's Phoenix and saw on the back another ad. It was the main guy asking for a personal assistant to balance his school and other things. What was he paying? $80 a week for an hour a day, plus a free iPhone. This led me to wonder: "Who the f is this guy?" Who gives away a free iPhone for some crap like that? And a really cool book thing to some bum who just answers an open casting call????

I feel like I'm looking down the rabbit hole right now. And Alice (read: Barry) is about to plunge in. And although I'm a little weirded out about this whole thing. I'm thinking the rabbit hole might be the way to go anyway. At least it's sorta exciting.

I'm just hoping this doesn't turn out to be some how porn-related.


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