Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Remember what the Doormouse Said....

I haven't been in my dorm since noon today.

Had the first readthrough of "Burial at Thebes" (Antigone) tonight. I didn't do a whole lot of reading--your's truly is a non-speaking gaurd (sorry, I'm trying not to come off as bitter. I'm sure the word "douche-bag" is being tossed around). It actually looks like it should be pretty cool. And I get a samauri sword, which will be an absolute blast off-stage.

Tomorrow I have auditions for Charles Mea's Big Love, which is a bizarre play.

Saturday are auditions for "Guys and Dolls" or, as some of the majors lovingly refer to it, "Suits and Boobs."

These next two weeks are going to be nutty to the max,

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