Tuesday, November 13, 2007

As I Wait for "Say You, Say Me" to Finish Downloading....

Pretty happenin' weekend for all intensive purposes.

I was finally put on film--look out for a24a, starring me, Barry, as Leo the researcher/musician/pot dealer. It really didn't take too long, and everyone was like, "Whoa, Barry, you're so natural." But all seven episodes are being edited as I write this. I'm only featured in the second one, so that's prolly all I'll post here. I'm pretty important though, believe you me.

Other than that, I got decently plastered on cheap beer Saturday night. Then my associate Bohrs and myself went to the 24 hour "De Lux" Diner. I got breakfast, and even though I was intoxicated the whole time, the french toast was most exceptional. We got there around 2 AM, we left at 4:15. There was much drunken pounding on the table on my part--lots of points to make. It was most likely more than a little funny to those around us. However, we discussed some interesting things, and I realized I need to read "I Am Legend." It was also interesting because I never really had a enlonged dialogue with Bohrs, but we must click kinda well to talk for two hours when I was toasted. Good people, good people.

Good people,

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