Sunday, April 08, 2007

Soxy Back

Today I went to my first White Sox game at U.S. Cellular Field. I decided they are the team I'm gonna get into. They have a cooler name than "Cubs," and they are generally "better" than the Mudhens.

It was against the Twins, and we won 3-0. However, it was frigid. April 7, and the temp is like 20 degrees. I thought my left index finger was going to come off. I mean, it was really nuts. I expected warmness and little birds and happy people, and all I got was cold. But the el was running pretty fast, and it was warm.

Later I went to the Ghettoplex to see "Blades of Glory," that new one with Jon Heder and Will Ferrel and Jenna Fischer (She's in some great outfits in the movie; see her naked below. Hooray!). It wasn't bad. Not as instantably quotable as Anchorman, nor as annoyingly random. My mom has made me watched figure skating since I was born, so I have a good amount of respect for the sport (alright, take your gay shots). Considering I really don't feel there are any real great figure skating movies, I liked this one. And I'm happy to see Heder do something positive with his life since Napolean Dynamite. In the end, I'd recommend it. Finally, I can associate the song "I Don't Wanna Close My Eyes" or what-the-f-ever by Aerosmith with a movie other than Armageddon. That is the movie's real redeeming quality.

The night is a dark time for me,

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Mr. E said...

Those we more like it. None of that sissy crap...except the sausage fest.