Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Man-in-the-woods Retreat 2007

It's been a whacky Easter break so far.

After Icarus' Mother rehearsal on Thursday, five dudes went back to one guy's house to watch Borat, and drink two bottles of Barcardi. We did lots of shots, to lots of causes: Luke Wilson, fathers, driving, etc. We ran out pretty quick, so we headed off to the liquor store (taking a brief detour to the ghettoplex and very loudly prasing Grindhouse, which I hope to see tonight).

I was pretty hungry, so I picked up some crunchy peanut butter, which was a divine idea. We walked back to the house, taking long swigs of rum and talking about love.

Then the real fun started. We finished that last bottle real quick, and then the neighbor knocked on the door and threatened to call 5-o, so we decided it would be in our best interest to keep it down. Then some stuff happened, somebody grabbed a kitchen knife, and blood was spilt. He had cut himself on the shoulder, and this set off an avalanche. One dude broke down crying, getting snot all over his mustache. A few minutes later, another guy started to cry too, I think mostly because other people were crying and he was picking up on that energy. The kid who cut himself tried consoling the first dude, but ended up breaking down himself. It was up to me and one other guy to console these three bawling grown men. I was going up to everyone and was like, "Have some peanut butter, man, just take some." I was really worried about the cut on the one's arm. They had next to no first aid supplies, save for some small bandages I found in somebody's room. I put the bandage on, and then had to use Scotch tape to attach it, which ended up leaving huge marks. After about an hour of crying, everyone was good. We hugged, we kissed, and then we went home.

One ka-razy night, I assure you.

Next day, we had rehearsal at 12, and everyone was looking great. Not. The cuts on the arm were a lot deeper than I thought they were last night, and he also had this mysterious gash on his leg. He also hit himself in the eye with a zipper. Looking back now, he's really prone to injuring himself. He was supposed to go to the hospital, although that didn't end up happening, which I think might of been a mistake. We'll see. But, anyway, everyone seemed a lot happier Friday after the breakdowns, and we all had really hearty laughs about everything.

Also, my friend Courtney came up Thursday to view the school. After rehearsal, me, her, and Samira went to the Grand Lux downtown, which is a pretty hip place.

Here's some evidence:

Although the food was good, the real story was the trip back. We took the 30 minute el ride back safe enough. However, we decided to cross the street when it was flashing "DON'T WALK."
Yeah, we shoulda listened. Samira got hit by a car. No joke.
Luckily, she is fine, but the whole thing is nuts. Whoa.
Needless to say, Easter break has been eventful. And I've made good on my Lenten thing to give up soda, but it's getting increasingly harder in these last few days. Mmmmm...
Shoulder to cry on,

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