Monday, April 16, 2007

It's blood...

Tonight I had one of the greatest cinematic experiences I ever had--GRINDHOUSE. Although the movie is already in freakin 10th place after one weekend and clocks over 3 hours, it's still ridic intense.

From the beginning, with starts out with a faux trailer for "Machete," which features Cheech Marin as a shotgun-wielding priest. "Planet Terror" starts, a crazy zombie movie featuring barbeque, that guy from Lost, and Rose McGowin with a machine gun as a leg. IT'S NUTS!! Everything is scratchy and there are whole "reels" missing for effect. It's crazy fun.
Then there are some made up trailers, my favorite being "Werewolf Women of the S.S." Next is Tarantino's car-slasher flick "Death Proof," which totally shifts gears from "Planet Terror" pun intended. Like everything else Tarantino, it's all dialouge based, and can lag in energy a bit. There are some cool sequences involving chicks' faces being ran over. Worth a look.
In the end, "Planet Terror" is bunches better than "Death Proof." It just is.
A note: See this movie in a crappy theater. Me and a few companions (I don't give a f**k about grammar) saw it at our local $5 ghettoplex, and it was great. See it with people too. By themselves, the movies ain't so great. It's the experience, man. Do it to it.
I wish I got a lap dance from Rose McGowin,
-The Barry

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