Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mark your calenders: Some weekend in Feburary

Steak knife. Card Shark. Con Job. Boot cut.

Those are just some of the lyrics of "By the Way" by RHCP, who are coming to Chi-ville Feb. 27th, and I kinda need to go to that.

By the way (see, it all goes together), I did get into Loyola's production of "The Visit" by Freddrich German Guy (I have no respect for anything). I'm First Man, but don't let that fool you, I have lotsa lines. Considering the play takes place in Germany, I think I might give myself a fitting name such as Adolf Schwartzinager. We'll see, but not until second semester. The weird thing about getting into a play is that whenever I see a theater major they offer their congratulations. People I didn't even think knew me are all like "Hey, congratutions" and I'm all like "Hey, thanks. Same to you." Honestly, however, I don't have the cast list memorized, so I might be congratulating people who didn't get in. But really, it's so weird that the whole community knows I got the part. Weird.

So, Cinderella auditions were today, I am almost positive I bombed them. I didn't really have real piano music, found my monologue at 3 AM the night before on the internet, and the dance audition was the most intense dance audition I ever have been in. It was straight up ballet. Because I knew there was no way I could do it actually, I tried going for "goofy." Unfortunately, I think the choreographer was looking for "good." I'm not called back, so we'll see. Honestly, I am not going to be too sad if I don't get in, considering that I nailed it in The Visit. And, this is Barry speaking from the heart here, Cinderella is probably one of the suckiest musicals ever. All the music is waltz, the same waltz. Rogers and Hammerstein wrote it for TV. I'm not even joking. But, it would still be a blast to be in, so here's to getting in.

I saw "Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny" tonight....I'm going to have to have a winter movie review, because I have been to the theaters a lot recently. More on this later.

And I get back from Campion to Mertz at 4 AM to find out there was a fire drill in process. In 20 degree weather. But, I wasn't too least I walked in on it, and didn't wake up to it. When I walked up to Mertz, there was a girl making out with some random dude. Then she walked up and I told her about the fire alarm, and we talked for a little bit. So at least I met someone knew (if she remembers me at all). She had a lot more of a liquid coat on at the time; I only had one Corona all night (yeah for free good beer).

I found out today that I close at work Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and next Monday. I might slit my wrists before next week....thank God I still have that option.

And the beat goes on,

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