Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Camera Time

Now that I have a digital camera, I have something to fill up the empty void of a life I call exsistence. I'm gonna go get some eyeliner.

These aren't in any space-time order because blogger's photo adding tool confused me.

This is my roomate. It is a fern. I'm deciding what to name it.
This is what you can see from my window at about 5:00 PM. Yes, that is Lake Michigan.
The stuff on my desk after I messed around with the "effects" button on my camera.
My boss sent this to me. Go figure. It holds up my DVD player.

This is what you see when you enter.

This is my ode to sticky tack.

Huh, wonder who that creeper could be....

Anyway, there is my free and unasked for tour of my room (minus the stuff I didn't want you to see, i.e. whips and chains, my Haitian slave). Hope you enjoyed it enough to come back someday.

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