Monday, December 04, 2006

Loose Change...pretty tight

This is one you might wanna read in your basement with an aluminum foil hat on.

Politically, I try not to dabble in the whole left-right spectrum. I think both Republicans and Dems are nowadays whack groups (although I do like hard-core liberals better than hard-core neo-cons). After reading some interesting literature and meeting some people, I would have to say I'm in the anarchist camp. Would I blow up a Wal Mart? We'll see, they don't have them in Chicago. However, considering this is a personal blog and not a hardcore political one, I'm not gonna shove some views down your throat....and then show you pictures of my cat.

However, I heard about a video today, and after watching it, my mind is not far from being blown. It's called "Loose Change," and it basically lays out how 9-11 was a act of state terrorism committed by the United States government. Not gonna lie, they have some semi-convincing evidence. Supposedly the movie is gonna go to theaters sometime in '07. I have my doubts about that, but it is one of the most watched movies on the internet.

Here it is:

It's long (about 1.5 hours), so give yourself some time to watch it.

And then here is a blog created solely to refute it (hey, man, I'm all about balance....and honey mustard, but that's a different story): (I love that title)

Anyway, check that out. Arm yourself with knowledge, that's what I say.

Barry. Out.

P.S. Yes, I know I'm going to be blacklisted for this. I'm pretty sure I am already, though.

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