Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Something other than what I should be doing

Huh, this week is finals week. And I have a pretty locked and loaded schedule. I had my DSTP exam today, my "crafts for the stage" one tomorrow (kinda a joke, not gonna lie). Then Thursday I have a philosophy exam, and a philosophy paper due, and my anthropology exam (it's like 9 blasted pages of single space hell) is due on top. And then Friday I have my Virtuous Eating. Then I will have made it outta the dark tunnel and into the beautiful Black Swamp region. Did I mentioned that the d-bag who made the schedule at work has me closing last night, tonight, tomorrow night, and Thursday night? There's the catch, how can me not fail skool with my nights taken up? Study during the day? Are you kidding? I'm too busy wasting my life doing this.

This weekend was...eventful. I worked Friday (I'm getting pretty good at the closing gig, mostly cause I cut a lot of corners and I know that appearences are everything. Muwhahaha....if you're a future employer of mine, I'm just kidding of course.) Saturday was the closest thing to a high school dance involving me since, well, high school. A lovely friend of mine accompanied me to a performance of "The Nutcracker" by the Joffrey Ballet (there really world-renowned, for all you swine out there). However, before we were a little late because her whole floor was involved in dressing her up. There was even the prom mom to take a poloroid of us (I haven't seen it, I have feeling I look pretty goofy..not that I don't all the time).

Let me throw this out there and I'm not gonna get into it because I'll get all perturbed: Public transportation is not the classiest way to travel.

The ballet was pretty good. Not gonna lie, I was entertained. Plus, I've never actually seen Nutcracker. Afterwards, we walked about 7 billion blocks to Cheesecake Factory, which was delicious.

Until about 5 AM the next morning, when I started vomiting violently. I had probably the worst case of food poisoning I've ever had, I'm guessing from the cheeseburger. I think I'm going off beef for a small while. I mean, I could barely hold down water. It was nuts. I know, I know, it sucks that you didn't know about it while it was actually happening so you could offer your condolences sooner. Don't worry, I forgive you.

Then during study day, I went to the Michigan Ave (say it ave, not avenue. It sounds more chic). I decided to continue my tradition of giving socks to someone for Christmas, because, honestly, is there a suckier gift than socks? Psyche! There $16 socks from the 5 story Polo store (marked down to $4.89, but that's beside the point). Anybody would be proud to don these babies, lemme tell you.

I really should be working on something meaningful, it's pathetic. I'm sorry.

Remember, time is the enemy of cheese,

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