Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Live! From the Land of Confusion

First post of 2008.

Don't forget it.

This week has been a little lonely. Most of my friends have gone back to school, so I spend a lot of time with my family. Wow, what a bunch of nutjobs. Just kidding, I love my family. I'm sure I'll have plenty of sparkeling therapy sessions concerning them, so I won't try to go into it here when I could be paying for it. Basically, I think everyone in my house thinks that they're surrounded by morons. Even the animals. Little do they know that I am the one surrounded by morons.

Work isn't an option either. My boss gave me eleven hours this week. And at minimum wage, that's about...70 bucks. Are you kidding me? Over my month long break, I worked a total of 19 hours. I used to think I could sort of rely on the Tux shop as a source of income for breaks from Chicago, but obvs I can't. And they took Guitar Hero away from the Wii stand, so I can't even take my hour long paid shred-sessions. All I can do there is sit around and wallow in my questionably-sauced fried chicken pieces from of the random places in the food court. And that can only bring you so much joy.

And if a customer comes, I'm like, wait a second, I'm getting paid minimum wage now. And I probably won't get this commision because I might not be working for a real long time. Then there's the fact that a lot of them are mentally incapacitated.

I've basically been doing a lot of reading and vegging in front of the TV watching DVDs and VH1 specials. I dislike America's Next Top Model.

And the witty remarks on "100 Best Songs of the 90's" get really old after the second viewing.

Chicago, I'll be back Saturday.

Barry. Out.

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