Monday, January 14, 2008

And here it comes again...

School starts tomorrow.

This semester's gonna be a trip. I have to wake up before 10 EVERY SINGLE FRICKIN' DAY!! First time that has ever happened.

You see, I was supposed to take this Classical Modern Philosophy class, but somehow that was cancelled and nobody made any effort to contact me. Way to go guys, really. C'MON! So I was looking at what other phil courses fit (being a philosophy major and all) and I happened upon this Philosophy of Love and Beauty course, and that looked really interesting (perhaps there'll be porn?). Unfortunately, it starts at 10:25. Then I have Characterization II at 11:30. And then Arabic at 4:00. And then Dramatic Lit I at 10 the next morning. And then Theatre History II at 11:30. And then Playwriting at 4. And then it repeats, until I die (or the semester ends). Crazy times.

Not to mention rehearsals. Burial at Thebes (aka Antigone) is coming up, and I, as a non-speaking guard, will start rehearsals tomorrow. Most everyone else have had rehearsals since last week, and apparently they've been volunteering me for whenever they need a gaurd. Like at one point I'm supposed to incompetent (which will be a really hard thing for me to play) and Antigone jacks my sword.

I hope I get it back later.

School's in, sucka,

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