Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Fought the Law....

Note to reader: If you are a loyal member of the RIAA, please skip to the next post.

Whew, close call, I know.

Now that the stuff-shirts are looking at the other meaningless stories of some random guy they don't know, I can get to the meaty parts.

Right before winter break, I start getting these e-mails alleging that I, yes, your's truly, illegally downloaded a mp3 of Miss Britney Spears' song, "Gimme More" (slang for Give Me More). Don't make fun, I was looking for the acapella for one of my excellent remixes. I'm serious. Dead. But apparently I downloaded some sorta baited file, and people notified and I was in hot water. Yikes.

So then last Friday my internet shut off, and then I remembered the whole ideal. So I call Judicial Affairs here at Loyola. I schedule a meeting for Wednesday, and my internet was shut off until then. No blogging.

Wednesday rolls around, and I meet with the guy. I'm so freakin charming. Using a lot of honesty and being just super charismatic like always, I was able to get the minimum fine of $25. Then I was like, soooo, is there anyway I could not pay and do like community service or some crap? So I have to complete 5 hours of community service by February 20th. Bfd.

The Score? Barry: 0. Law: 0. I think it counts as a tie.

Hopefully this is the end of the story. Apparently the RIAA has subpoened 5 Loyola students out of the 500 they have caught. And according to the guy, they can't really figure out the pattern; some people have thousands of songs and multiple offences, and some people have downloaded one and been caught once. And then they pay like $4000. That means there is a 1% chance of me being totally f'd. I think I might take jail time instead of paying.

Wait for me on the Outside!

PS Happy Murphdai. Death to cock-blockers

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