Monday, December 31, 2007

Hoppy New Year!!!

Auld Lang Syne, baby.

Important things have happened since my last post.

Namely, my birthday.

Yes, now I enter the third decade of my life. I am 20. Yes, a very big deal. What did I get for my birthday? More DVDs. That's pretty much all I got this year. Lots and Lots of DVDs. Whatevs.

I spent my birthday at Don Pablos with a few select friends, and then watched the third Pirates of Carribean (which still sucked) and then we all left. I went over to the house my other friend was housesitting, and we chilled for awhile. We got bored, so we went and hung out a bit at the 24 hour Kroger they have in Sylvania. We bummed around there for quite awhile, touching meat, examining cheeses, looking wistfully at beer that I am still to young to purchase. We finally decided to pick up a 12 pack of Jones Soda (Made from Real Cane Sugar!). I had three of them starting around 1 AM. I was up until 8.

Kinda had a bit of a freakout around 5. I drove to this abondoned park by my house and watched the sun rise over the trees. And then I drove home and crashed. Memorable birthday, I suppose.

And then tonight there should be some drinking, I believe...

HAPPY 2008!

P.S. 2007, you suck!

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