Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Round of Classes: COMPLETE!

Yes, I am done with my first round of classes. Well, except for my Dramatic Lit class, which I slept through this morning. Apparently I never set an alarm, although I am almost positive I did. I'm starting to think it went off and I turned it off while I was still pretty asleep. It sucks when you can't trust yourself. I'm starting to think that sleep-Barry is my most formidable enemy. Not cool.

But, my other classes seem super cool. Arabic II should be fine, Theatre History actually looks kinda interesting, and Characterization II will help me a lot. My coolest classes so far, though, are my Philosophy and my Playwriting class. My philosophy class is study of beauty and love...our first required text is "Beauty and the Beast." Our professor has terminal skin cancer, and last spring his class helped him write a paper that was published in a bunch of humanities journals. I think this class will be great. I'm real excited. And playwriting will be awesome because it's playwriting.

And rehearsals go on. I'm so happy I gets a sword.

Alright, let's sheath the sword metaphors,
--Barricles (aka Barry)

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