Friday, December 21, 2007

Since I've Been Back

Dulcimer your heart out, old lady.
Pretty intense break so far, chitlins.
Got back Monday, and left at 10 AM with buds to go visit my friend Emily at Kenyon College near Mt. Vernon, Ohio. It was pretty fun. She has some neat friends, and we partayed pretty hardy. A lot of jumping from apartment to apartment and Keystone beer. Free Keystone beer.
I take what I can get. My one female friend always gets really excited about Kenyon, and I figured out why: kinda a big sausage fest.
No matter. It was still tre bon.
Thursday I went with the fam to Holiday Funtimes at Greenfield Village near Detroit. Basically, it's walking back into 1903 and Christmastime Merriment. There were rides in a 1916 Model T (high speeds reaching 15 mph), lots of old music, horses, reindeer, Santa, and a 1913 carousel. And, fireworks. Of course.
And then today, did some mad holiday shopping and got pretty much everything for anyone that matters. And now I have very little for myself. Boo.
Bells will be ringin,

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