Monday, December 17, 2007

Last College Weekend, 2007

I did absolutely nothing remotely productive today.

My roommate left at like 8 this morning, so I had to help him move his furniture six inches away from the walls in accordance with Loyola policy, all while still a little drunk. Then I slept until noon, made a really big breakfast (I'm trying to polish off as much food as I can, because I don't want it too just rot here, don't judge), took a shower, walked around and smoked the last cigar I had here, and ended the day with watching Natural Born Killers, The Departed, and Volver. I kinda figured Volver could maybe count as studying for my Spanish exam tomorrow.

This weekend as a whole has been entertaining enough. Big partay Friday at the soon-to-be-former big theatre party apartment. Lots of booze, people, music, and dancing like idiots.

Saturday was alright too. My roommate somehow convinced me to go to one of his frat parties, which involved walking around during a midnight blizzard. There I drank with some bros, listened to college boy classics such as Sublime and the occasional Dave Matthews, and watched my roommate get destroyed in beer pong, all the while honing my game-spittin skills. I ended up with pictures of me and this girl posing with the Nativity statues. Oh Christmas.

In the end, I was drunk and listening to Daft Punk in the middle of a snowstorm. For some reason I was really freaking out at that point. Who knew.

El Barry

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