Monday, October 22, 2007

Digging in the Dirt

So I'm going through my Peter Gabriel phase right now. Yeah. Don't make fun.

This weekend was chockful of stuff.

Friday I went and saw the Loyola production of Wit, which is about this female professor with Ovarian cancer. I was actually somewhat surprised that it was remarkably good. The actress that played the woman was on stage the entire 2 hours, and she really carried the show. Overall, I was really impressed with everyone. After the show, Chris lured me with alcohol to go watch 30 Days of Night instead of going straight to the cast party. The movie was awful, but getting drunk to it was really nice. I almost threw my empty gin bottle at the screen, but instead dropped it loudly on the ground in protest. It was a fun experience. The fat bad cop from Batman Begins was in it, and I give full support to any fat person in a movie. The cast party was alright, not the best, but not bad. Whatever.

Saturday I auditioned for this web tv thing. I'm still pretty sketchy on the details, but they have a lot of cool merchandise. I got a pen with a USB port on it and this really nice leather journal thing. It seems pretty legit, there is free food involved, and I have a speaking part as this research assistant guy. Whatever, I'm just gonna hump my lines like no other and see where it goes. It's a professional production team, so maybe I'll make a name for myself. I'm not that excited--I have a feeling the story is going to be sorta lame, but at the same time I'm really excited I'm doing it. I'll keep y'all updated, even though I'm kinda keeping this underwraps in real life.

Other than that, I saw Jitney for free at the Pegasus Players. I love August Wilson plays. One of our professors was the director, and he did a cracker-jack job. There were some amazing scenes. And I don't think I ever felt carthasis like I did at the end of that show before. It was great. Then we did the ol' musical powerhour and everyone was happy once again.

Today I fumbled around on the interweb, drew my scene design, and did my freakin acting journal. We have to have an entry for every class up to now, which I did tonight. My hands be acheing.

I'm getting increasingly excited about my scene design for As You Like It. I'm doing it under the sea--kelp forests and pearls. It's gonna be cool kids.

In your eyes,

P.S. I can be your bumper car bumping.

I had to round that out.

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