Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion

Friends, it has been too long.

Huzzah for fall! It is finally the right temperature for this time of year, you SUV-driving SOB. It is finally in the 50's and 60's, right where it should be.

And that means fall break. Yes, I went back to the 734 for the weekend, and it was interesting. My family now possesses a new little kitten that my little sister found. It's pretty cute, but it matches with our floors, so I was constantly worried that I was going to step on it and not even know. Kittens are interesting to watch--the whole world seems new to them. If only my life was filled with that much adventure. Alas, that is the rub.

Other than that, I got drunk with some old friends. I actually finally hung out with one of my best friends from middle school who had just turned 21. We got some Corona and talked seriously for like 5 hours. As this was happening, his little sister (and my sophomore year homecoming date) was detoxing in the next room from her oxy addiction. Funny how people turn out.

Tonight was "Burial at Thebes" auditions, which is basically a fancy title for the Greek tragedy "Antigone." I think it went purty good. We shall see soon. Cross yo fingers, fool.

Flagpole Sittin,
--The Barry

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