Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Snowy Skokie

Last Thursday night, my computer died. Dead. Nada. Kaput. Game over. Do not pass go do not collect $200 dollars.

So I called Tech support, which is always interesting. Everyone there has the thick Indian accent, and I talk funny, so we end up repeating ourselves ad nauseum. Anyway, I was finally able to communicate to my tech support chick that my computer was unfixable by someone as qualified as myself. They promptly sent me a box with the firm instructions to only send it from a Fedex Store, the closest of which is in Skokie.

That was my journey today. The quest to Fedex. It started off innocently enough, me catching all the trains right in the nick of time, not having to wait for anything. I was somehow always afraid of Skokie. It sounded like a place I'd be totally cool with not ever having been to in my life. I mean Skokie, it sounds like some punchline, like Yonkers.

It turned out to be pretty enough. It reminded me of home, since most of everyone I know lives in the Toledo suburbs. Just a bunch of cute little houses huddled in the snow. And I had to trek through a needless block of the snow because I didn't know how to manage the Pace bus. And that's where my trouble began...

Shipping my laptop consisted of me waiting behind two people, both of which got a snappy response from the attendant ("um, it says that my package is here." "Yes, but it won't be available until tomorrow." "So, wait, it's here, but I have to wait a day to get it?" "Yes, sir, that's just how it works. NEXT!") I have expected her to chew me out for having the sticker in the wrong place, but I got finished in roughly two and half seconds.

Then I waited for the bus for 15 minutes. In subzero temperatures. Without gloves.

That wasn't the bad part. The bad part was my Chuck Taylors, which sucked up the water and turned my little piggies into toesicles. I have expected to peel my sock off when I got home and find my foot had been turned black from frostbite. That might not be so good for my career...

However, I wouldn't let my foot take the rest of me down. I walked around a little of downtown Skokie, which consisted of mostly delis (Skokie has always for some reason brought up images of some sort of 'Jewville, USA,' and, like always, I wasn't far off). The food was good, and I left happy.

The real highlight of the trip, though, is that I was able to steal one of the Yellow Line map things. The Yellow Line has two stops...Howard, and Skokie. But for some reason they figured they might as well put up maps. For all those people who felt their intelligence was insulted, I decided to steal one and plus it adds to my collection (I got red, and purple, and that's about it right now).

Alright, well I gotta peace,
B to the arry.

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