Monday, February 19, 2007

Opening Weekend Musings

Right now, I'm tip-typing away next to a man with a self-imposed bald spot. He looks like some monk from the Church of Creepers with Mustaches.

He plays the Burgomaster in "The Visit."

Last Friday was our first official show. There was some craziness caused by the fact that one of the cast members (and the girl who's cast as Cinderella for the musical) suffered from a collapsed lung that morning. We were able to cover it, and everything went pretty smoothly. At some point in the first scene, the gloves I carry fell out of my pocket and into the audience, never to be seen again. This apparently severely pissed off one of the ASMs, but I think she already thought I was mildly retarded. For some reason I can never really escape that stigma. Alas, live and let live. Plus, I only have to put up with her crap for another weekend. It's only her too...the other ASM and stage manager are totally cool.

Whatever. I'm not gonna worry about it too much. They had an extra pair of gloves, so it all worked out. And now all I have to look forward is strike.

The process, however, has been great. The cast is bomb diggity, and now I have my foot firmly planted in the door of the Loyola theater fun time group. I get a pretty cool bloody apron as the town butcher/abortionist. And I smoke a bunch of cigarettes. Crazy times. I'm pretty pumped for next weekend, when the fam shows up to see it. You could come too, if you cared at all. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You have plenty of options. But you're a douche. I see.

Whatevs. It's been a total blast so far, and as my first non-musical stage experience, I say it's a great success.

Over two kilos (that's a quote)--

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