Sunday, October 22, 2006

What I Got You Gotta Give it To Your Mamma

For some reason at work, they think I enjoy working the weekend straight. No joke, the current schedule patterns suggest I work from Friday till Monday I work these long hours, which leaves me little time to It sucks, but I kinda sorta requested off the whole month of November, and I don't know how long I'll stay on past winter break (hopefully not at all).

Anyway, what made tonight a biotch is that I guess some guy got fired and his buddy in retaliation quit. The buddy was supposed to close. I was only supposed to work till ten. I ended up closing. Surprisingly, though, I didn't take a long time, I was only there 15 minutes after. I'm patting myself on the back right now.

On the train ride home, after being offered some weed-filled cigerettes by some brothas, I ran into a girl from Loyola I randomly met a long time ago. She was trying to get one of the stop maps things that tell you where you are going things, I guess. I, having jacked a red line one the night before, helped her get one then I snatched a purple line for myself.

I kinda figured there wouldn't be a whole lot going tonight, considering everything here stops at approx. 11:30. I went up to ma dorm room and here I am. And I have to wake up at 8:45 to freakin go to work. And I just realized I forgot to punch out....whatevs, I got brownie points now for closing when I didn't have to.

Earlier today I wanted to read the current play I am in, and I figured the el would be as good place as my room, so I just took on the train and rode it and read, and somehow I ended up in Chinatown. I decided I'd stop and check things out, having never been in any sort of Chinatown in my life.

It was kinda nice being taller than everybody [rimshot]

Anyway, I think I'll visit again, maybe later tonight, being that it is sunday.

I'll reward you listening to my mundane life by ending it gently.


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