Saturday, October 07, 2006

I wanna throw something

I am writing this from the downtown campus of Loyola at approx. 3:00 Toledo time. By this time I was supposed to be back home, showered, and maybe eating food that I didn't have to pay for. But, alas, that would be too easy.

Lemme tell you about the Megabus. It sucks. I was rudely awokened this morning at 7:50 by Mark calling me and telling me I had to be down at the el and ready to go in 7 minutes. I set my alarm for 7:20, but for some reason or another, fate prevented me from getting up. So I rushed around, got dressed, threw my laptop somewhere, and ran off for the el. We got on at about 8:10, and got off in the loop at about 8:45, then had a frantic run towards Union Station.

We were scheduled to take the Megabus, this large coachbus thing that travels all around the scenic Midwest, at 9:10 from Chicago to Toledo. We got there at 9, and didn't see any buses for Toledo, just Cleveland and Detroit. We wait until 9:15 before calling customer service about where our bus was, and they told us it would arrive in 10 minutes. Cool cool. Twenty minutes later, we call again. "You mean you didn't take the Cleveland bus?" Jokes on us. So we had to wait around 7 hours till the 3:30 bus, and that means I won't get home until 8 PM.

Words cannot describe how pissed off I was. The Megabus people can be expecting an irate letter describing how some guy missed his uncle's funeral and demanding a full refund because it says ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE on the ticket, or print-out, or anywhere on the website, that you have to take the Cleveland bus to get to Toledo.

Besides wanting to be home, though, I guess it wasn't all that bad. We went to see Navy Pier, and let me tell all you budding Chicago tourists out there, it's not much. There is some water, and some crappy touristy restaurants, and a ferris wheel. I have no clue why Navy Pier is so "on the map." Next time you come to Chicago with your maps and floppy hats and sunglasses on a string, take my advice and skip Navy Pier.

Sometime when I am in a less rambling mood I'll tell you about how last night I went to such a fancy restaurant I was charged $25 for water. Later, folks, later.

Muthaf*cking Megabus,

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