Wednesday, October 11, 2006

As Always, Fighting Injustice in All Forms All Over the Country

Although I should be working on at least one of the two papers due tomorrow, I'm checking some of my not-very-oftenly checked e-mail.

My parents are totally inept. This was made crystal clear to me over the weekend. I guess the internet has not been working since I had left in August, yet they still pay for it. Somehow they thought I would be able to fix it. I guess they're the type of people who just deal with a situation instead of actually calling anybody and fixing it. Gah, it's so freakin annoying.

Anyway, so today I was checking the e-mail I share with my dad (it's, to give you an idea of how old it is). He never really checks it, so it's always flooded when I look at it. Some of the random spam is pretty amusing. One sender was apparently the city of Bulgaria, and the subject lines are always sneaky. It's almost disappointing, there aren't any flashing colors or other HTML fun. Spammers these days are getting really lazy.

There was also an e-mail from one a group that has been near and dear to my heart since I've had to research Lobby Groups in AP US Gov: Legalize Ferrets. It's quite a pressing political issue. Apparently, in California it is illegal to own a ferret. And Gov. "girly man" (as called by a ferret advocate) Schwzanagger (sorry, gov'na) recently vetoed a bill legalizing the fuzzy critters. The greatest is that the group has little rallies at hotels and stuff, where I'm sure about four people attend. Maybe one day I'll come out to one.

I decided to snope around the site because I was bored. I visited the kickin' online store, and there I saw it. I spurgled and spent two dollars on a "Legalize Ferrets" button. Unfortunately, I do not know where to put it. Whatev.

I encourage all of you to go to and buy some stuff. They got bumper stickers and a t-shirt and---well, that's about it. Plus, all your friends will be like "Legalize Ferrets? How goofy is that?" Then you will be well-liked. At least that is what I am hoping for.


Do it! I'm serious. I'll gut you.

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