Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lots of IHOP Coffee

I just spent three hours in an IHOP and prolly drank about 8-11 cups of coffee. I'm sorta wired........and I gotta wake up at 9:15 tomorrow morning. Uh-oh.

My day off was alright. Rode my sister's bike to the library, which was a mistake. That seat has to be the most uncomfortable thing I have ever placed between my legs.

In other news, I have achieved "pro" status in Wii Tennis. My little sister still beats me. Don't worry, I'm working on it.

Since this is kind of a boring "what Barry did today" post, I'll just fill y'all in. I called up my main man Drew and we chilled at the neighborhood Kroger for awhile. He's become one of those born-again vegetarians, and he was buying all that kind of new-age crap. Then we went to our other old haunt, Timbo's. It's an ice cream place--I believe they are trying to crack into the Chili Mac market, though. I'll tell you how that goes.

Not wanting to go back to his house, and feeling horny for adventure, we did what the cool kids do and ended up at Barnes & Noble. I had 8.99 left on a gift card from Christmas, and I bought Sun Tzu's "THE ART OF WAR" and a book on making ice cream sundaes. An interesting combination.

Also, there was a woman in there training a seeing-eye dog. When would a blind person ever go into a book store? A question I may never know the answer to.

Finally, we ended up at the IHOP at 11. We left at 1. In between I had some of their very admirable Stuffed French Toast and a lotta lotta coffee. Like three pots between the two of us. We talked about the usual stuff--recession, hangovers, the African-American experience, music pirating, etc. etc. I really wanted to steal a coffee mug that said "IHOP," but Drew pussyed out on me. Next time. Next time.

My mom's gonna get pissed if I keep poundin' on the broken SPACE bar, so I better shut up.

Hella awake,

P.S. Credit card debt--it'll getcha!

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