Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

So in keeping with the holiday, I will tell you one memory which really freaked me the f**k out.

Yesterday, I picked up my first hitchhiker. I was done with work, and this old guy I worked with asked if I could give him a ride to the cash-place to see if he could cash his check. He said he would buy me dinner if he got his check cashed. I reluctantly said okay, considering the free food. So we start driving around the ghetto going to a few of these places. Needless to say, I was getting a little fed up and just wanted to go home.

So we finally stop in this one place, he goes in, and then I'm approached by this young African-American man and he asks how far of a walk it is to UT. I'm like, a little ways, and he says he'll give me $10 if I drive him up the street.

I think for a moment. $10. Possibly getting my car jacked.


So I let him in, and the guy comes back out and says they wouldn't cash it, and asked if he could borrow $10. Whatever. He's supposed to get me back Wednesday. He then sees the guy, and kinda freaks out. We go. It turns out that he doesn't have $10 in cash, but on a card, so we need to stop at a gas station. I end up driving pretty far out of the way for this (mind you, both me and the old guy had our eyes glued to this guy in case he pulls a piece) and when we get there, his card doesn't even work. GD it.

Oh, but hey! His friend lives just up the road and probably has some cash on him. So he gets back in the car and I take him to this house. Now this is getting more and more shady by the second, and the old guy I'm with is freakin out. So I drop him out by this house, and watch him knock on the door to no avail.

Realizing I would never see the money and that this sketch-trip was fruitless, I drove away before he realized we were gone.

Then I drove this old guy home, and the whole time he was saying how sorry he was that he got me in too that, blah, blah, blah....and I'm just thinking, "Wait, explain to me how you are any different?"

Next time I'll tell him that I have to get to another job right away. Enough adventure for one day.

Wait, that's not what the holiday's about? Well screw you.

Happy Holidays,

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