Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finally....Barry Meets the Mayor

Yes, it has finally occured. Carty Finkbeiner, the mayor of my grand hometown of Toledo, and myself, had a little chat today.
I am that important.

I was doing my job, petitionings mofo's as they pass, as per usual. I work for this group trying to get Paid Sick Days for everyone who works in Ohio. Pretty cool. And I get well paid. And a bunch of crack-heads ask if they can have my job everyday. It is that good.

Well, anywho, I was downtown at the Government Center, getting people to sign. A sympathetic security guard (go figure) tipped us off that we could nab more people in the back. So we moved. It was pretty nice because there was only one entrance and everyone was forced to go by us. Haha. Easy prey. And then he walked by.

I was about to ask him for a signature, but then I realized who it was. The mayor. I sort of stood flabergasted and then he asked me what I was petitioning for. I told him as he was walking away.

Pretty impressive, I know, but that's not all. He came back, and started talking to me again. I was spittin' out facts and figures like you would not believe. He said he hadn't come down on one side or the other, but he definitely wanted me to send him some literature. And I was all, "Yes, sir, Mr. Mayor." Basically, I am his personal ambassador for this cause. Basically.

So, yeah. Barry gots connections. Don't mess with him.

Peace out now, y'all,

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