Thursday, March 06, 2008

Break is Sprung!

I am awful, I know. I haven't posted in over ten days. Whatevs.

But, in the good news, it is spring break! Wahoo! Spring Break 08! Lift your top!

Not cool.

Actually, I'm I just Megabused it back here last night. It was on one of them new-fangled double-decker Megabuses, and I got to sit on the top level. Frickin' sweet. Basically, if I had to make a dramatic exit, I could've just busted out the window and lept onto a passing semi. Unfortunately, the other passengers would probably then steal all my clothes. I did not trust them.

So now I'm home, and it's really cold here. My little sisters have been having snow days left and right, and the ground's pretty firmly covered. And I'm sitting home alone here, cold. My parents refuse to have the thermostat on during the day when no one's here, which makes good sense. But they also turn it off when I'm home, which means my fingers are about to fall off. I could go and turn it on myself, but I'm unsure of my abilities to work the thermostat, so I just shiver here until Mom comes home.

Spring break has been, and most likely will remain, pretty low key. We had Guys and Dolls rehearsals up until Tuesday, and then there was a healthy amount of drinking each night.

Tuesday night, my last night in town and a good friend's 21st birthday, I decided to stumble around the city alone at 3:30 AM. I discovered a place where I can get a real decent Gyro at 4 AM. That made me really happy. I was really intoxicated.

I have no plans for this week--probably eat at Wendy's and Taco Bell to get ma fix, maybe drink a little in BGSU, and catch up on a lot of required reading. Yikes.

Again, I apologize for my tardiness. I shall keep this place more updated in the future.

Peace on Earf,

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