Monday, February 04, 2008

Superbowl Thoughts

What was yesterday?

The Superbowl. Yes, the great American holiday.

Who won? The Giants. But I think we all won a little. Except for Patriots fans, who were all like, "C'mon, this will be history!" But I was like, "I don't support any sort of dynasties. Didn't work for the Egyptians, I won't support it for New England." And look, I was correct.

I watched it with a bunch of theatre majors, so needless to say the actual game was not the big focus of attention. The halftime show was freaking amazing though. I love Tom Petty, I love fire, and I love funky lighting. This had all three, plus a few camera cutaways to chicks with large breasts. That's the ticket.

Commercials? There were a few good ones.

The Budweiser one where it makes the claim you breathe fire. And then the guy burns everything in his girlfriend's house. A chuckle and a half.

Diet Pepsi Max. This was hilarious. A parent nods off, and gets hit in the gut by his swinging kid. Niiice.

My favorite:

The Underarmour ad freaked me the eff out. It basically made the claim anyone who wheres Underarmour is part of some freaky cult, and anyone who doesn't wear it will get killed by Underarmour nazis. Creepy.

Those were some memorable ones before the alcohol started to befuddle thought.

Go Giants,

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