Sunday, February 10, 2008

Frozen Beer

So I'm walking around my local Rogers Park streets this morning, I noticed that there was a healthy amount of frozen beer littering the sidewalks.

That is how cold it is here.

Apocalyptically cold.

The past week has been pretty awesome. Burial at Thebes opened up Friday, and I've only been hearing rave things about it. It's a pretty intense show. Greek tragedy, whoa. I was looking through some photos, and I'm like, this looks wicked from the audience. If you get the chance, you mos def should check this shi-at out.

What's with this Lent thing? You know.

Ash Wednesday, good stuff. Got my ash on, you know. What did the Barry decide to give up for Lent? The kiddie porn? The crack cocaine? Fish sticks?

No, silly. I think I'm just trying to give up meat on Fridays, trying to go to mass every Sunday. Good Catholic boy stuff.

Dawn on Thebes,

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