Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Smoothie Days

I think that's what I'll remember this beginning of summer 2007. My mom purchased a blender recently, and so I have been going bananas over smoothies (bad pun intended). Today I made one out of orange juice, milk, and this strawberry keifer stuff that is supposedly the secret to immortality. I call it "Strawberry Sunshine." Wasn't that good, give like a 84%.

I've been pretty blown away from Bonnaroo, trying to recollect myself. It was an intense ride. The whole 525 acre field reeked of pot smoke for four days straight. And the music was amazing. Tool, Franz Ferdinand, Regina Spektor, the FREAKIN POLICE!!, Brazilian Girls, and then there was Flaming Lips. Holy crap.

They entered and left on a giant spaceship, and the crowd was filled with giant balloons and confetti and a giant guy made of glowstiks...and there isn't really any way to describe it. The closest experience I could liken it to is entering Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. It was mind-blowing. You'll have to see the pictures.

Unfortunately, Bonnaroo has broke the Barry (but my alliteration is still kicking). I got an interview at Gino's Pizza, so maybe soon I'll be a delivery person. We shall see. Hopefully I can raise something before golf on Thursday morning.

Strawberry Sunshine,

I saw these guys at the 'roo, and this is their best song.
It's all country-westerny and really brings out the inner
hillbilly in me.

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Anonymous said...

I like pictures. You should put more of them on this blog.