Monday, January 29, 2007

Radio Golf

I've gotten tired of looking at my "facebook etiquette" post, and I'm mildly pissed no one commented on my 2006 music review (yeah, I'm talking to you), so I decided I would rant and rave about my recent weekend and other developing developments in my life.

Maybe I haven't made it clear enough that I am now in Loyola's production of "The Visit," starring as Hofbauer (or 'First Man' if you read the program). Anyway, rehearsals have been going pretty well, which I'm at 7 days a week, usually for at least 4-6 hours. And that's what I was doing Friday night. After rehearsal, I kicked back with some of my scenemates at this one group of senior's apartment. One Fab-u-lous man was making all sorts of yummy cocktails (no pun intended, oh I slay me)....with free Skye vodka. It was quite good. I'm pretty sure I kissed him at some point, but I won't get into that. After that I walked back to CFSU, which was having some sort of all-nighter fun times thing...with a mechanical bull. There are some rare cell phone pictures of me spanking the thing (not gonna lie, I owned that muthaf*cker), but they'll never end up here, so suck it.

Saturday was also good times. I woke up at freakin 10 AM, had rehearsal until 5, and then got ready to go with Samira to "Radio Golf" down at the Goodman:

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In case you didn't read the top paragraph.

Anyway, it was freaking amazing. It's the first show I've ever seen in the Theater District, and it was hella cool. August Wilson, he's a good guy. Funny too.

The best part about it? I got in for free. I wrote a review of the show, and so got two free passes, and they were awesome seats. Afterwards, we went to Giodarnio's or whatever (darn wop names...j/k j/k, you know I'm the Eitelian Stallion) because it was the only place open in the whole snow-covered place. There famous for their stuffed crust pizza, and I can see why. I had a bunch of mine left over. It was also pretty friggin cold. Really cold. But overall it was an amazing evening. Quite awesome.

I would put up the pictures that I got free for being in the press, but I figured it might make a little trouble for your's truly, and I wouldn't want to lose my free theater stuff. Guess you'll have to check out this Wednesday's Phoenix to get the whole story....

Check it. I gotta go do laundry,

P.S. Dates for Visit: Feb. 15-18, 22-25. Come see. You won't be disappointed.

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