Monday, November 27, 2006

It's been one week--

Oh, barenaked ladies. I wonder how many elderly perverts went to one of their concerts planning to see a few barenaked ladies. That kinda disappointment just sucks.

I'm not even gonna try to describe everything that's happened since my last post, for one because I don't think anyone really cares....for two, it would be a lot of writing.

What can I say, SOA was a blast. I got to meet up with old friends (yes, you Courtney) and make some new ones (like smelly Larry, and some dude we found on our hotel room's floor). Somehow I was able to abuse everyone's charitable spirit and get the bed both nights. Wary nice!

After getting back at 6 AM Monday, I went back to the 734 at 3:30 Tuesday. And yes, I almost missed the bus for a second time. Tuesday night I hung out with my buddy Eric, and concieved plans for a Toronto trip after I turn 19. Wednesday I worked for a good amount of time, then went to Texas Roadhouse (for the first time in about five years) with another Erik, Dano, Colleen, Julie, and other assorted band chicks. Quite yummy. Then the night continued with a trip to Maxwells to converse with two Houstons, a Hasbrook, and Chrandy (basically we swapped drinking stories).

Thursday was Thanksgiving, which we had at out house for a change. The turkey was a little dry, but I did manage to sneak some wine with my parents. My aunt came with a OSU Taiwanese exchange student who was pretty good at making pie. I thought maybe I should hang out with her, but I had so many people to do and places to see, it was tough.

Highlight of the break: Thursday night was very foggy, and we had the bright idea to go see a movie in Maumee. I was looking for (then passing) the theater in my trusty '93 Honda Accord when the road dead-ended without my knowledge. I slammed on the brakes just in time to take out a sign with a bunch of reflectors on it (first technical "crash" on my list). Some old lady saw and came over to see if I was alright. I thought the whole thing was pretty righteous, but I tried to look somewhat shaken. We put the sign up and made some small talk, and then some lady in the parking lot yelled "hey!" and the lady suggested I take off, and I didn't argue. Good times. Diane, if your reading this, thanks for "not seeing anything," as you said (no, I didn't pay her off).

Black Friday was pretty dark. I got up at 4:20, went with my mother to Circuit City, waited in line for 1.5 hours to get a camera (hooray, now my blog can have some visual media), Tom Petty's Greatest Hits, and Office Space. Bummer. I napped then worked again, then hung out with some St. Pats people and learned some interesting things about people I thought I knew well. Saturday I went to some rich kid's house, lost at pool, then had the first Waffle House grease sandwich in about five months.

Today I laid low, packed, memorized a monologue for audition Monday, and then set off on a Megabus journey back to the 773. I had an interesting conversation with Rami and this kid who goes to Vanderbuilt School of Music about bassists throughout history, and then went on my first cab ride ever with two other dudes. Now I'm listening to the Offspring CD I got a week ago.

Oh yeah, I switch phone plans and broke down and got a Razor (I swear, it was the cheapest one available). No longer am I a virgin (mobile); I'm a T (mobile) man now.

Here's to you, old lady at Chesterfield apartments,

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