Friday, September 14, 2007

Free Chipotle and Other Thoughts

Yesterday's big halabaloo was that perennial gastrointestinal enemy Chipotle was giving out free burritos. Although the huge line might have detered some, I knew I would feel personally defeated if I didn't get my free Chipotle. So me and Courtney waited in line for like 35 minutes. Fortunately, we also jacked some of their cool Tabasco sauce salt-and-pepper shakers. Hoorah for theft!

Other than that, times are good. I'm gonna turn in my application tomorrow at a tropical fish store in Old Town. I already called, and they seemed mildly interested. I think it'll go well. Also tomorrow, I'm going to see that new Beatles movie musical, "Across the Universe." I've heard mixed things about it, but it looks crazy enough to be really good. I'll report back, never you worry, loyal reader.

Also, Courtney and myself will hopefully see that Rilo Kiley on Saturday. I think I can swing some decently discounted tix off Craigslist. Cross your fingers. And maybe your toes.

Who rocks the party (rocks the party),

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your worst nightmare said...

Moby rocks the party (rocks the party)you bastard

How was across the universe?

why all the resurged interest in beatles remakes? across the universe, Love in vegas etc.