Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hmmm, friends. This weekend has been pretty intriguing.

Loyola put on Sammy Beckett's "Waiting for Godot," and I saw it twice, two nights in a row. It was the greatest stage production I have seen yet. I can't even explain it--I am blown. Because of my non-luck at auditions so far this year, I've been deeply questioning if I even want to act. Seeing this totally reaffirmed my love. I want to be able to cause such deep reactions.

The cast party was pretty bumpin, fun times has by all. I left at like 4:20, and listened to a bunch of Patsy Cline back home.

Today I had to memorize my lines for "As You Like It" for my Characterization class, so I took the el with the hope of getting somewhere. I ended up at the Merchandise Mart, whose name is strangely misleading. It's pretty lame. There is this place called the "Chopping Block," which has cooking classes, which I think I might take up. After I picked up a schedule, I sat in McDonald's for an hour and memorized my scene.

Then I sorta wondered the streets for awhile. It was a weird audio-visual experience featuring the Flaming Lips. Lots of musing on how bizarre the concepts like God, existence, and the general human condition are. I just kinda went wherever the light said "Walk, Barry." I probably almost got hit by buses on numerous occasions. I ended up at Trader Joe's, where I got some espresso finally, along with some really good peanut butter cups. Pretty good adventure.

I came up with the concept of a short play I might pursue--"Ego Trippin At the Gates of Hell." We'll see if I have the motivation to actually finish this one.

And tomorrow I have to create a whole little model set for "Master Harold...And the Boys," which takes place in Apartheid South Africa. It'll be interesting. I'll put up pictures.

Selassie I dub,

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